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Innovative products by PEP that enhance phototherapy

One of the challenges with blue light therapy for jaundiced infants is eye protection.  PEP’s Bili-Goggles solve this problem. Bili-Goggles allow the baby to see out and for parents and caregivers to see in, all the while protecting their eyes from UV light and the bright blue light needed for phototherapy treatment. The Bili-Goggles also permit the child’s eyes to develop at their normal rate, eliminating the need for the typical treatment of blindfolding the infant’s eyes while under therapy – often for several days. Our Bili-Goggles are far superior to eye patches.

PEP’s Bili-Mirror serves two distinct purposes. First it protects caregivers from the side effects of unwanted exposure to the bright blue light, as it easily attaches to standard hospital overhead phototherapy devices and allows for good visibility of the baby while he/she undergoes treatment.But more importantly, our Bili-Mirror reflects the bright blue light back onto the baby, which increases the light dose by up to 70%! This means decreased treatment time for the baby and a quicker return to mom and dad.