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PEP Bed Accessories

Ultra Bili-Cart  – PEP’s Ultra Bili-Cart makes it easy for hospitals to transport our PEP Bed. Constructed of custom hospital-grade materials, the cart assembles easily, has locking wheels for safety, and streamlines the use of the PEP Bed.

PEP Bed Case Cover – Our protective case cover is an inexpensive investment that will keep your PEP Bed always looking like new.

Disposable Treatment Kits – Our 10-pack treatment kits come with or without light permeable diapers. For your convenience, we also offer disposable items that can be purchased separately in bulk.

Disinfectant Wipes – Clean your PEP Bed easily with CaviWipes, a non-abrasive equipment disinfectant and decontaminant. Each towelette contains a tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal to ensure product cleanliness and safety for the health of each newborn treated in your device.

User’s Video – Free to watch how to use the PEP Bed. Click here.

Spanish Language Parents’ Guide – Free download in PDF form. Click here.

BabyFace Shield 20/pk – You have the option with your Ultra BiliLight to use eye patches or the BabyFace Shield that attaches to the unit and screens the baby’s eyes from the phototherapy light. You usually only need one shield per baby, and PEP provides these in packs of 20.

Eye Patches  – For those who prefer using eye patches instead of the BabyFace Shield, PEP provides Posey eye patches – in both the adhesive or head strap styles – 12 per pack.

Type :

Disposable Mattress 10/pk – One disposable mattress should be used under each baby treated in the Ultra BiliLight. They come 10 per pack.

Disposable Mattress Pads (300/case) – These disposable pads lie between the mattress and the baby in your Ultra BiliLight. They provide a clean, soft surface for baby, and are provided 300 per case.

Parents’ Guide 10/pk – Many of you using the PEP Ultra BiliLight enjoy having the clearly written, complete instructions available for the parents of the babies being treated. This Guide provides instructions on use of the Ultra BiliLight, trouble-shooting advice, and a record of important information the parents keep for review by the baby’s clinician. These Guides come in packs of 10.

UBL Replacement Lamps (set of 2) – The Ultra BiliLight is FDA approved to use without a light meter. Instead, the bulbs must be replaced every 2000 hours of use. When the indicator lamp on your UBL says it’s time to replace bulbs, they can be ordered as a set of 2.

Professionals’ Guide 10/pk – This Professionals’ Guide is intended to help you create and maintain a successful phototherapy program by detailing how the PEP Bed system works, giving protocols for use and outlining maintenance procedures for your staff.